“Be seen as a person and not just a number at some big company, we are family owned and operated.”

It’s easy to have all the advertisement numbers like Sign on Bonus and cents per mile–which we do offer .60 cents all miles for Regional and OTR and 25% of the load for local drivers–but it is harder to get to know and work closely with a PERSON– not just a number. Come see what it is like to be part of our transportation family.


  • Weekly settlement Pay
  • Choose regional be home every weekend or 48 State with great home time
  • 401k Retirement with Company Matching Funds


  • At least 23 years of age
  • Class A CDL
  • Clean MVR
    • No more than 3 moving violations in the last 3 years
    • No major at fault accidents
    • No tickets over 15 mph posted speed limit or Reckless driving
  • Driving experience
    • Minimum of 1 year verifiable in the past 3 years
    • Does not have to be consecutive
    • Must be with a Tractor trailer
    • All trailer types count


  • Regional: .60 cents ALL MILES
    Typical week consist of on Monday loading in Union City, OK delivering either Round Rock or Houston, TX the next day. Either way you will then reload Tuesday in Houston area coming to Oklahoma, generally Central Oklahoma areas. This load will then deliver the Wednesday then go back over to Union City to load to deliver Thursday in either Round Rock or Houston, TX. On Friday after delivering you will reload for Oklahoma which will not deliver until Monday. So once loaded you will head home and have off from the time you get home on Friday until early Monday or late Sunday night depending where load is delivering, so that you are sitting at unload location no later than 8am. So you weekend is yours to spend with them family.
    Weeks will be a little different say if you start out in Texas on a Monday, as you will end up in Oklahoma on a Friday and will reload and be off the better part of Friday, Saturday, and then on Sunday will need to leave out early to be sitting in Houston early enough to get your 10 hour rest and then be sitting at unloading location by 8am latest.
    These are typical weeks and we will from time to time get loads that will go to different locations such as Dallas deliveries, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Kansas. Your weekend time should remain the same respectfully. On this run we do not equip our trucks with tarps as it is an extremely rare occasion tarping would ever be required.
  • OTR:   .60 cents ALL MILES
    There are no real typical weeks in OTR, as it completely depends on what load you take. With this option you can choose which directions and locations you would like to go. (as they are available) Dispatch will get her list of loads and offer them. If there is one you are interested in you elect to take it. Then you will head out to that location, once delivered you will then reload nearby to head back towards Oklahoma. Home time will vary as to when you have to leave out for the load and when you are able to return. Home time however remains the same, it just may occur during the week instead of weekends sometimes. It is unusual to have a load that keeps you out more than a week.
    With this type of haul you are required to carry tarps at all times as there are several types of commodity for the back haul and throw away trapping may occur.
  • Local: PAID 25% OF LOAD
    Each day you will check in with dispatch and only work “AS NEEDED”. So upon your call in, if there are loads you will be instructed where to go. For example we have pipe storage on our yard, so you may need to come in, load your load, and then leave out for delivery. You could possible get multiple loads a day, but you are home every night. Again please note this is only as “AS NEEDED” and you will be paid accordingly.   At this time, local work is extremely slow due to we primarily haul pipe out to rig sites. Oil production is slow; in turn our local work is slow. No guaranteed time or miles.
  • Please note that any position that you choose you are free to switch between them as it meets you needs at the time. If you have something coming up that you need to make some extra money, you simply let dispatch know and they can work to get you a long haul. It will work the same if you are on OTR and need to stay close to home for a week; we really try to cater to your needs. We are a family owned and operated company so we understand and do our very best to always accommodate.
  • Currently we are offering 401k with employer matching funds. We are working to get medical insurance as well as life insurance. We appreciate our employees and want them to strive and have the best opportunities, so we never stop looking for incentives for them. We are a smaller company so we are working towards not only making you more than a number but a part of our Transportation family.Come join us today!