Please review the Rock-Solid Rules listed to the right. They are from a study done by Cummins Corporation. The full report is available on our website. The link is on the Fuel Squeezer Article screen.

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We hear a lot talk about it’s cold/it’s hot so I have to idle truck, so I can’t get good MPG. We completely understand the need to be safe and comfortable and the need to be get proper rest. However look at our monthly Fleet average for 2012. There is no noticeable difference for summer or winter? Cold months or hot months not much difference in the fleet average.

Jan 5.71 July 5.67
Feb 5.64 Aug 5.56
Mar 5.66 Sep 5.65
Apr 5.71 Oct 5.62
May 5.67 Nov 5.58
June 5.64 Dec 5.59

This shows that on average the season and weather does not affect the overall average and should not affect your mileage.

With the colder weather comes opportunity for increased Fuel Savings. Engine fan should hardly ever run in cold weather, so if your fan is running continuously or often please let the shop know so we can check it out. Do not run fan on manual. A continuous running fan can make .25 MPG. The same technique we use in the summer time can be applied to cold weather as well. If you know you are stopping up ahead turn the heater up and get little extra warm so when stopping the truck will remain comfortable for longer with the engine shut off—Saving Fuel—Putting $$ in your pocket!!!

WOW $55,514.20 Earned 2012

We have recently hired a few new drivers and we need to show them how TEAM SHARK does it—from MPG to Safety!!!!

WOW $51,872.34 for 2012 Congratulations!